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Full Version: Editor format Problem (maybe bug)
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  1. I enable RTL and LTR button from code button , while composing message in editor it is working fine , when we post it then it shows BBcode ([rtl ] content [ /rtl] )only but RTL function doesnot work 
  2. I add custom font in editor , when we select that font that is working fine , when we put it source mode ,editor forgot settings and it reset all formats ( font family , font size , color ) , and for settign them again we have to add bbcodes again .
  3. when we edit that post all format/bbcodes  are gone except align bbcode.
  4. when we copy paste some text from anywhere then editor add unnecessary spaces/enters into content

i checked it in 1.8.0 > 1.8.1 > 1.8.2 > 1.8.3  as well . all are same .
is there any solution ?
[rtl] tags are not supported in MyBB. They are removed from the editor completely in MyBB 1.8.4.
then for rtl languages what should we do ?

and what about other questions / problems ?
You can make a custom MyCode For it.
Regex: \[rtl\](.*)\[\/rtl\]
Replacement:<span style="direction:rtl">$1</span>
after setting this RTL mycode , now it is not showing RTL bbcode , using editor mode text is in right side but it is not changing text direction when we post it ( text is in left direction )
You need to use source mode with the editor for the mycode I gave you.
i am using source mode , but i am saying that it is not working when we post it . but if we use this code in normal mode then text is in right side as we want .
Show a link to a post where this MyCode is used.

there are 2 text
one is normal and other one is RTL mycode
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