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Full Version: Nothing happens when you register.
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When I click the Submit Registration button, *nothing* happens except Firefox tries to remember the password. This is on a just created myBB.

Version: 1.8.3.

I disabled the captcha and question, and still can't register. Disabled all Firefox add-ons, still can't register.

Test it out at:
Nothing changed in your settings?
I remeber that I have had similar problems, but I can't remember the cause. I think it was something with te cookies path, nothing changed there? And no 2 installations on the same server?
Cookies were my guess.

Cookie Domain: .
Cookie Path: /~site1337/
Cookie Prefix: .

also tried

Cookie Domain:
Cookie Domain: .

Only one installation.
I have no cookie prefix set (so ""). Did you check cookies on your browser?
Same thing with nothing in Cookie Domain and Cookie Prefix, and deleting cookies in Firefox doesn't fix it. I also can't log-in. Would being an IP address URL be messing it up?
When I transfer my situation to yours, it would be:

$settings['cookiedomain'] = ".";
$settings['cookiepath'] = "/~site1337/";
$settings['cookieprefix'] = "";

Note the point before the IP address. A know neither how this works, with me it is also without http:// and starting with a point (.).

But I see that you probably have already tried this combination.
Yep. That let's me log-in, but the registration still doesn't work.
Are you developing this theme yourself?
Look what happens when you replace the present template member_register by the original version.
Full edit was the only option I had before just now testing out an edit. No replace option. Can a change in

Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode

cause this? That's where I've made changes, color changes.
Sorry, I don't exactly what you mean.
I was not talking about stylesheets, but about template member_register, did you make changes in that?

If so, restore the old one and try.

For now I am ging to sleep. It is a quarter to midnight here, and have to go up early. I will be back in about 9 hours, will be late in the evening foor you I think.

Have a nice remaining day.
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