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Full Version: Force to Source Mode
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I know this has been asked before but I am having difficulty understanding/finding the actual solution.

I want to put all current and future registrants of my forum to source mode, unless they want to disable sourcemode by default in the editor, through their profile; still giving them the freedom to choose.

It can be very confusing to use the editor sometimes, and it also pastes every single font characteristic from where you copied the text if you don't put it in the source of it instead.

It's seemingly just a DB query I have to run, as I've seen. I'm just not sure which solution is the correct one out of everything I've found.

So, in total - how can I force immediately, the source editor on all current and future registrants?
run the sql queries suggested by .m. in this thread:
If I understand it correctly, this will make all current users have the sourcemode by default -- it will apply to future members as well?
^ it is expected to work for future members also. however please see the suggested thread completely!