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Full Version: No new mods validation ?
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Hello there,

Is there a trouble with mods awaiting approval ?

I'd submited the #383 and #386, they are waiting, but I saw the #384 (from an approved developper) is ok.

And are the private inquiries read and treated ?

well, most of the staff are on the development work
new plugins by approved developers are not kept in moderation
All right, thanks for the explanation Smile
Hi Crazycat,

Mods not from Approved Developers are moderated manually by staff. This involves looking through the code manually, checking for obvious vulnerabilities and flaws. This takes time, and generally happens quite slowly. All Private Inquiries threads are responded to by a member of staff or the community team.

We appreciate your patience in waiting for mods to be approved (of which yours have now been).

Tom K.