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Full Version: Can't find div style
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Dear MyBB community,

I have been looking into the codes of MyBB and changing a few things for myself.
Now, at the newthread.php page, the one I am seeing infront of me now, I have a little bug.

within the class="trow2" there is a div, this div has the following style:
margin:auto; width: 170px; margin-top: 20px;
I need to change that small piece of css to something else, but I cant find it anywere!

I have looked into alot of files but did not came across the right one yet.
I hope someone can point me to the right file to edit for this one!

Here is a screenshot of the code within Firebug

[Image: 6yee79.png]

Thanks already!
Show Thread Templates perhaps, have you tried look into the .css styles? Link to the site would be appreciated.
enabling the template start/end comments can help you debug better...

ACP >> Configuration >> Server and Optimization Options >> Output template start/end comments? >> set to yes

btw, to answer your question, you need to look into....

ACP >> Templates >> Smilie Inserter Templates >> smilieinsert