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Full Version: Activation?
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For some reason over on my forums at it has a group for 'Awaiting Admin Approval' and 'Awaiting Activation'. For some reason new users are automatically placed into the 'Awaiting Admin Approval' group. I do not want them to be placed there. I want them to be placed into the 'Awaiting Activation' group until they confirm their email.
Also when they are in the 'Awaiting Admin Approval' group, when you go to activate them via the Admin CP, they are still in that group until you change their status to registered.
Could someone please help me ASAP with this problem. I need this fixed soon, I have been having quite a few sign ups and they have been unable to post due to this reason.
Thank You,
Go to

You will see the second one down it says "Registration Method" change the current option to "Email Activation" now go down to the bottom of the page and click "Save".