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Full Version: Changing poster information location on thread
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Currently I'm trying to change the position of the poster's info (Avatar, post count, etc) from the top of the post to the side. However, despite going into configurations > show thread options and changing;

- Post layout from modern to classic
- setting Usernet Style thread view to yes

The position still doesn't switch to the left of the post. I've tried this in 3 different themes (Carbon, Vienna and Square) but nothing happens.

Will appreciate any and all help!
(02-11-2015, 10:19 AM)Kyrislian Wrote: [ -> ]- setting Usernet Style thread view to yes

This has nothing to do with postbit layout - it will display all posts in threaded (tree) mode, so I don't think you want to leave that enabled.
have you tried on the default theme?