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Full Version: How to Restrict SHOW TEAM to GUESTS
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OK guys

as you can see everyone can see my ROSTER in forum

how to restrict this so GUESTs won't be able to see it ??

Please help ( and i am sorry if this topic exists somewhere but i was not able to find it )

Thanks !!
Try this one: My Permissions by Diogo Parrinha (formerly named Pirata Nervo).
It allows you to specify certain pages and even plugins. It's fairly advanced, so you'll have to type in the file you want to set permissions for instead of using a simple dropdown or multi-selection list for every possible file available.

Should be able to just add "showteam.php" to "file", block to "action", a helpful description for you and your administrator's convenience, and set the groups that are affected (in this case, "Guests").

Since it's not very well documented on how to use it, I'll understand your reluctance in trying it out. Other than that, you'll be better off requesting for a plugin as the solution you're looking for isn't available by a default MyBB installation.

Read comment 5. You can restrict certain groups from accessing pages with php.
DissociationFJ's suggestion would work, but anytime there is an update, you will have to re-add the changes if the file gets updated. Just a heads up in-case you decide to change core files instead of going with a plugin.
Try patches and plugin library. You can edit core files with patches.
try this plugin:

i dont see a reason why it wont work in 1.8...
This should work: