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Full Version: Will editing default themes get lost in update?
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As you can see, I am brand new to this program/forum. Blush
And, I love it! Big Grin

I have just done a bunch of css edits so that my forum looks similar to my site.

It just occured to me that maybe editing the default theme may have been a mistake.
I'm assuming that MYBB undergoes updates from time to time. When that happens, am I going to loose all of my customizations? Should I have created a new theme, or a child? (I would create a child when editing a wordpress theme)

One thing I did do, (just thought it might be wise) is I 'duplicated the theme'. If customizations ever do get lost, would I still have the 'duplicated theme' left intact?

Thank you!
If you've made a copy of the theme, you should then be able to use that as your boards theme.
Quote:If you've made a copy of the theme, you should then be able to use that as your boards theme.

I "should" be able to? Is there anyone that can give me a definite on this? I am just nervous about loosing my edits.
You can duplicate it, yes.

ACP -> Themes & Templates -> Themes -> [your_theme] -> Duplicate Theme
Thank you, Destroy666 and Xerhik!
I will just throw this out there, MyBB keeps an "internal" uneditable copy of the default theme & templates that it uses for internal functions such as the Diff Reports and the like. Editing the default theme is not going to cause any issues, because should you update and the MyBB team edited some templates, ... you'll find that the handy-dandy diff report option makes it easy to merge the changes into your own customized templates.

As far as CSS edits, when you edit the CSS files, they become part of the theme's and no longer attached to MyBB's global CSS files that it uses internally for new default themes that are created under no parent. Smile
Thank you, Sephiroth! That was very helpful information!