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Full Version: Make an image fit into the page.
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I've recently discovered a small error on my forums:
On PC cannot be observed, but on Android, an image gets out of the page.

[Image: 640.jpg]

How can I make it so it will be fit, no matter the screen.
Could you show the problem of the PC version too and the link to your website?
There are not different versions.
Just that on the smaller screens, the image with the server's statistics has a width too large and one part of it is displayed out of the box.

Forum URL: (was displayed in the screen shot)

Account: MyBB_Tester
Password: Tester123
try changing the css for .topbar as follows and check....

background: #393b47 url(images/revolution/topbanner.png) top center no-repeat;
background-size: cover;
No, it's not about the top header.

Its about that box where you see 'Server Status'.

The right side of it exits out of the box.
No offence, but I guess its how much your phone browser can view/take in of the items it is displaying
hmmm... now i see what you mean.... not just the image the entire sidebar is cut off at the right... when viewed on a mobile the iframe (sidebar) has a width value more than the sidebar width hence it cuts off the right side....
Its because the box takes the size of its content. So if the images is bigger, so the box.
Just scale the server status <img> tag, so add style="width: 100%;" to it.