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Full Version: Remove highlight addition from search results
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I had copied my old forum and built another one with domain change

everything works however when an internal search is done it adds &highlight=term at the end of the result link

And this highlight causes redirect to my first forum

So how can i remove this highlight thing?
Quick & Dirty: Find search.php and comment out / remove the following php:

	// Work out if we have terms to highlight
	$highlight = "";
		if($mybb->seo_support == true)
			$highlight = "?highlight=".urlencode($search['keywords']);
			$highlight = "&highlight=".urlencode($search['keywords']);
Try simple method. Open AdminCP/Templates & Styles/You theme/global.css and delete this: 
.highlight {
background: #FFC;
padding-top: 3px;
padding-bottom: 3px;