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Full Version: Invalid administration session.
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For some reason every time I try to access my Admin CP I get this error message, "Invalid administration session." I can sometimes get logged in but when I do and I go to try and edit something it logs me out and gives me that error message. 
Please help!

You have a problem with your cookies…… where's the forum located?
Please go to:


And search for Cookie and copy and paste what it shows here.
I am unsure what you are talking about Ben..

Also forums is located at
He's saying to go to your directory(files) where the forums are located, go to the inc folder, open settings.php, search for cookie(ctrl+f) and paste it here.
Log into your FTP and then navigate to Inc/settings.php search cookie and highlight the three lines and replace with:

$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
$settings['cookiepath'] = "/";
$settings['cookieprefix'] = "";
Those settings where already located on the page, but I removed and repasted.
Is there any change? If not, please pm me a admin account and ftp. If you feel comfortable, don't feel obliged.
Well it isn't allowing me to log in at all now. So I guess I will wait for an admin to reply to this thread.
Change it again, but go DIRECTLY to the configuration tage and immedi.ately make the chane in site details under settings else it will revert to the old one.
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