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Full Version: Slick n' Easy Released!
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Name: Slick n' Easy


Comment: Theme was designed to incorperate a simple but slick dark design which can be used for MyBB.. Easy on the eyes and professional.

Download: Download the Style Here

that looks good i like it
Great theme
Really nice theme! Smile
nice theme...thanx...
I didn't think I would like it but guess is nice.  Congrats on making a good theme.  Do you take care of that background sticking to the top?  You do that by adding "top center no-repeat" to the background parameter....then it won't repeat and stay at the top.  You would use #00000 as background color so when image runs will get the background color and it will look seemless.

grr...I went and looked and you did make the same mistake.

You can make that image half it's size or less...basically cut it off after the second white line.  Then add this to the body background css textarea:
#000000 url(images/bg.gif) top center no-repeat;

Currently you have this:
#efefef url(images/bg.gif);

If you want to really have some fun try this:
#000000 url(images/bg.gif) top center no-repeat static;

That will keep the background image on the page even if you scroll might look nice on this theme.

You gotta learn the tricks kid but good theme anyways.
Nice looking theme.
Simple and clean.. i like the simplicity and purity of the logo.
Links aren't working for me
Arei Wrote:Links aren't working for me

Me neither.
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