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Full Version: Why does approvals take so long
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I know it hasn't been that long (about a day and a half from initial upload albeit I updated about 1/2 a day ago), but why does it take so long for mod uploads to get approved? Yes, I know complaining probably won't make it faster, but considering that I've only seen maybe 1 or 2 new plugins on the modsite in about a week, I really don't thing there could be THAT many plugins waiting for approval.

Furthermore, a couple you do developers I noticed are just watching the index; its a forum, not a live chat room. You can always come back later after checking and approving / rejecting a plugin or two every once in awhile, right?

Finally, I do understand that some of you may be busy, but its a weekend and there are several of you, so unless I'm wrong about the quantity of plugins, approving a plugin or two shouldn't take too long.
well, most of the staff (irrespective of their titles) are in the development work. A lot of work
is done behind the screen
. please note that we all are volunteering and we know the priorities
You must consider that reviewing other people code is not always as easy as we would like it to be.
You actual review code? I thought you just did virus scans and made sure it activated it properly. Sorry.
We at least check for common (security) issues which unfortunately can't be done automatically.
Using a tool to scan code is less reliable than checking code by looking through it. A lot of times if I'm reviewing code, I'm making mental notes of where code could be improved so I can give those suggestions to the author. The readability of codes can also affect the process. Long code without any explanation of what it does will take longer for us to figure out what the code does. Using comments in your code is encouraged.

Not everyone works Monday - Friday either. I work Tuesday - Saturday on overnights for example. Next week I am working Sunday as well because management needs extra help since inventory is coming up.