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Full Version: OUGC Avatar Approval
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[Image: cover_preview_25096_1585827278_d16ad56a5...0aa254.png]

Allow moderators to manage avatar uploads and updates for approval.

Download from the MyBB Extend page.

Check the official page for more information.
Hi, this plugin has been updated to version 1.8.22. Please follow the change log tab in the extend site for more information.

What is new:
  • Fixed a bug where the avatars weren't displayed in the moderation panel.
  • Moderator logs now display the default forum avatar as original image make be unavailable.
  • Minor improvements.
Great plugin, I use it to moderate newly registered unauthorised users Smile +1
Thank you @Eldenroot, eventually I could add a prune tool, once more people find a need for that.
Hi, I pushed a quick update because I forgot to add the plugin code name. Simply replace old files.
hi i test Without your plugins with the last version of mybb and i can upload an Avatar on a Normal member but when i Enabled your plugins and Is ask to download the plugin library i download the version for 1.8 After i can enabled your plugins .. When i try to upload a Picture Now is show me The file upload failed Please Choose a Valid file and try again..

I have Before Go in Admin control panel / Configuration / oug Avatar Aproval I Dont have touch to bypass group/ moderator group

i have change Vote for Aproval for 1
i have change vote For rejection 1

send private message On
myalerts integration on
moderate gallery avatars beta off
Admin Override Off

maximum avatar dimensions


The avatar are less 200 x 200 ..

like Explained is working Before your plugins to upload avatar i have try to Disabled the plugins and is working to upload ..

What is the problems why is block ? the File Type Is jpeg and Is Allowed in the board and the size Is okais is less of the Max limit allowed..
Quote:When i try to upload a Picture Now is show me The file upload failed Please Choose a Valid file and try again..

Try updating the directory /uploads/avatars/approval permissions to the same permissions as the /uploads/avatars, which is probably 777.

Please confirm if it works so I add this to the FAQs section of the plugin.
i Working I have try because same problem Again and again and after set permission is working cool Smile