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Full Version: how to auto-resize images in postbit
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i want to know how to resize images in postbit so the photos won't go out of the theme 
and it will auto change their size to fit the screen ??

You could give this plugin a try and check if this fit you requirements.
is there a html code in setting that would do this ??
i mean i have the theme 1point8 installed and it does it automatically
i want this to work on other themes as well.
I guess you would have to integrate the scaleimages class in your postbit template and try to adapt "max-width"-value in the CSS class "scaleimages".
i have succes install this plugin on my forum
thank you

good plugins
what does it do? an image link doesnt display unless you use a [-img] tag or use html
You do not need a plugin for this; MyBB core has the scaleimages class which you can apply to the postbit (it already is by default) .

If the issue is iframes and figures then adjust the css to include iframe and figure
...what I've already mentioned in post #4.

The scaleimages-class resize images in a post but with the above mentiond plugin you can get their original size opened by a colorbox.
MyBB 1.8 has this feature in core... no need for a plugin
Sorry Jockl - missed your post. Smile
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