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Full Version: My site is getting constantly DDoSed. - Help
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My site is getting constantly ddosed and I'm so tired of it.

Are there any codes to protect the site I can add to myBB or something?
Do you guys have any tricks, and i dont know anything about servers i feel lost. Sad
Do you currently use cloudflare on your website?
Plugins aren't going to stop DDoS attacks, you'll need to at least use something like cloudflare to get decent DDoS protection.
I'd recommend getting a host that includes DDoS protection.
Do you have estimated throughput that the attackers are throwing at you?

Are you on a shared host, VPS, or dedicated server?
You can't just put a code into a file then bam, ddos attacks blocked. It doesn't work that way. Get more DDoS protection, maybe a better CloudFlare subscription.
if you have money to invest your best option is moving to Black Lotus, otherwise give a try to the free and paid plans of CloudFlare
Who are you currently hosted with?

There are many hosts who offer DDOS Protection with their plans.