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Full Version: A few things that I need on my forum.
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This might be hard to describe, so I am going to add a couple of attachments to make the process easier. But I wish to have the containers and the buttons and the header of the forum continue from the most left side of the webpage to the most right side of the webpage. I'll show you mine with arrow's or circles showing you what I mean. And one example of what I want.

Here is my webpage ( I am willing to give a staff member Developer so he may fix it if he can )



Secondly, I do not have an image placed to create a new thread, it may be hard to find for new users to my thread. I'll add an image to show you.

Third most, you cannot see if I have any new posts in my forum home page. I'll add a new attachment to show you what I mean.
ACP >> Themes >> Your theme >> global.css

you need to edit the width property of .wrapper in global.css and remove the max-width property if present...

btw, why are you using the Apart theme for 1.6 on your 1.8 forum... use the default theme or switch to a 1.8 theme to avoid other issues...
Indeed, the 1.8 default theme IS Apart.
Resolved. Thank you.