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Full Version: Problem with templates registering properly
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I don't know if this is specific to me or not, but apparently substitution variables in templates are getting stripped…………… The funny thing is that the rest of my plugins work, so this might've been introduced in 1.8.4.

Note: Source code is basically the code from the hooks.pdf and templates.pdf documents Pirato Nervo posted long time ago.

I think a few screenshots would help:
Ummm.. I recommend you to read this: Rejecting.
And that is why I think the PHP language is more complex than C sometimes. That ONE subtlety (trivial, yet major) bug was the source of all this.... Perhaps you should add on the document page that if it isn't working, make sure you are using single quotes for the template, not double quotes?
Its standard PHP so I really don't see much point in it.