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Full Version: help the newbie
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I'm trying to create a website with mybb, I'm looking he esthetic of it all and its simplicity. but i wouldnt have a clue how to begin with anything. i've downloaded the mybb link provided when you first get on to the website , assuming it was automatically install ( seriously stupid of me ). I'm working with minimal coding and fancy stuff but if things are explained in lamons terms then I'm pretty sure i can get it quickly. i just want to get to the process of creating the board and i really assumed that that would occur when i hit the folder that got dowloaded " install" but nothing happened. everything is just code etc.

things that might help you help me
  • im working with a mac
  • I'm using safari , but i also have firefox, and google chrome
  • i got the file on a zip file but when i clicked the zip file it decompressed to that folder that i spoke about
If you check the docs each section goes into detail about how to use it.

If you need any further help just shoot me a pm and I'll be happy to help you.
Some web hosts have a script that automatically installs MyBB. I use it all the time to build and remove test forums. It's called Softaculous. Ask your host if they have this on your account.

If the host has it, it's literally just clicking stuff to install mybb.
(02-17-2015, 07:22 AM)ThemeFreaknet Wrote: [ -> ]I use it all the time to build and remove test forums. It's called Softaculous.

but i dont recommend it for live forums...

@OP check the Install docs to know how to upload files and install the forum...
If you want to test it on local PC then you may use this software MAMP . 

mybb installation Guide is  here .
so I'm literally a visual person i stayed up all night reading and it was still foreign to me in a sense , so i went to youtube and I'm going by this tutorial . the only problem I'm having is my server is not connecting every time which is weird.

and this what my filezilla is Sad idk what is wrong i have the file extracted , but nothing is connecting i've followed everything through. 

[Image: 473e484cd98fad73e75c358692869dcc.png]
Do you have TeamViewer downloaded? I could help you get all of this set up.
setting up right now !
Perfect, PM me your ID and pass.