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Full Version: SQL error - click on IP adress in PM
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I get this SQL error when I click on "IP adress: logged". Latest MyBB (1.8.4).

Quote:Note about updated package for 1.8.4
Due to a minor issue with the original packages an updated package set has been released.

If you installed or updated your forums using either the full or changed files packages prior to 10:00 a.m. on February 16, 2015 GMT please download a fresh package from the links above and replace the following file:


You do not need to run the installer or make any further changes. You can use the file verification tool to determine whether you have the latest package, the file above will appear to be modified if you need to download an updated copy.

We apologise of any inconvenience.

One small change in my PR wasn't pushed for some reason but the packages were updated asap.
OK, thank you. I didnt know about this.