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Full Version: Custom page as homepage
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Hi, I would like to make the custom page I have created as my homepage since its a welcoming page for visitors to see. And my custom page's php file is in the root directory.

Add to .htaccess:

Redirect /

Should work.
where is this .htaccess?
In the root of your ftp. If there isn't a file there, create a new one.
There is two files of the same one is htaccess-ngnix.txt and the other is htaccess.txt
rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess and add the above code.
okay, so I have my custom page as my homepage. But now how do I add a new title on the header to direct my visitors/members to the forum page?
What are you using as your homepage? If it is not MyBB you won't be able to get support for that here.