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Full Version: set less lenght topic name
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Hello, i need help. How can i set less lenght topic name in index page last post. Where raicha post, there is to much width. Correct width is - Test and Viena ola.

Code in template [forumbit_depth1_cat]

<td class="tcat" width="100" align="center"><span class="smalltext"><strong>{$lang->forumbit_lastpost}</strong></span></td>

You could try playing with text-overflow.
Seems found solution. Smile

inc/functions_forumlist.php find
if(my_strlen($lastpost_subject) > 25) - Change to 15
$lastpost_subject = my_substr($lastpost_subject, 0, 25)."..."; - Change to 15.

Then width is correct when is to long text in index page "Last Post".