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Full Version: Selecting Endless while Editing Template
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In template editor, once I click in text area (anywhere in text area) and it will start endlessly selecting texts when I move mouse again. Is this just me, or really a bug? It had happened to me on two computers. I don't mean click and hold while moving mouse. Just a click and then move mouse, it will start.

I'm not sure how to be detailed because I think it's detailed enough already. And browser I am using is Firefox. I will test in Internet Explorer and Chrome and then edit the this post for any new results.
Can't reproduce in the latest Firefox, neither in Chrome/IE/Opera. Try turning off browser addons and check if that works.
Actually, I only have one addon, but I will turn it off and see if it works. Thank you.

EDIT: New results, but it's mostly same. If I reload the page, it isn't doing that, but once I reload one or two times, it's doing it again. I had my addon turned off, and it's still same.

EDIT2: Another results. If clicked once and it's not doing it, and then click again, it's doing it.