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Full Version: Quote and quick edit disappeared with 1.8.4 upgrade
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For some reason the quote button disappeared and quick edit option disappeared when I upgraded to 1.8.4.
that looks like java script conflicts due to MyBB 1.6.x version's MyAlerts plugin.
removing noconflict code in myalerts.js file might help in fixing the referred issues
Thanks for the info.  Big Grin
I'm having the same problem, but I'm not using MyAlerts.

I've tried turning on and off everything but nothing's coming back. I even re-upgraded and it's still not happening.

Any ideas?

^ @jason_lbg is the theme compatible with MyBB 1.8.x ?
if profile popup plugin was not made for MyBB 1.8.x then you may also have to remove it & its files
The theme? Yeah it should be. All I did was edit the default one a bit to get that one and these things were working after the upgrade. It wasn't an immediate thing which is why I'm a bit confused.

I'll check into that one, though I think I had this problem before I installed that.


Ok, so I went and deactivated and uninstalled profile popup in the ACP... then I went and removed all the files associated with it in via FTP and still nothing.

Clicking the "Edit" button just goes right to full edit and the editor bar as MIA.
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to admin panel [note: I may be able to check it after 12 hours from now]