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Full Version: Noob to this!, Help my Site please :D
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Is It possible for someone else here to download the Mybb and modify to what my own site?

reasoning: My computer is down and at the shop, and I asked one of my devs to help but he is too busy at the point. I'm on my Tablet for now.

IF SO, can you please help me out?

I will post my website here so if one of you need ideas of what I want my site to look like I'll post it in this post. And if you get the Mybb site done, I thank for helping!! then post it down the link to the website in this thread.


And I'll give you all the credit for the help of my website. Big Grin

Oh and I want the site link name to start with (Otaku-RP)

Thank you if you choose to help me, I appreciate it!! ^_^
I can do this for you, shoot me a pm.
Thank you!! I will.
Back :3 and I pmed you.
Mate, Just download FTP client or use an online FTP client that works on tablets assuming your using chrome/internet explorer on your tablet thats updated.
*sighs* I pmed you too.
actually a forum at ProBoards can't be easily converted to other system as there is no database provided.
if you are interested then you have to make MyBB forum afresh without users & posts from earlier forum
if you are comfortable then you may hire few persons to copy the contents from the earlier forum ..
I know lol,thanks! I'm trying to do that but I don't know how to get anyone XD or make the site through a tablet. That's what's getting me , Zombie helped me out a little but I just need someone to make the site for me and copy the content.

I looking for someone to make the site for me , and the people back in my site are waiting patiently for the site to be up.

Ben C didn't show today, so I need someone's who can do this favor for me :3
I'm said I'll recognition their site at the bottom of the one that their making if they helped me out.

All I need is a mybb site and I'll do the rest by doing the icons and the theme.
well, is the MyBB forum already made - and is it again on a free host ?
no it's not made, I'm still waiting for some one to create it XD
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