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Full Version: OUGC Signature Control
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With OUGC Signature Control you will have the following permissions on a per-group basis instead of general basis. That plus new options.
  • Allow HTML in signatures?
  • Allow MyCode in signatures?
  • Allow smilies in signatures?
  • Allow [img] MyCode in signatures?
  • MyCode affects signature length?
  • Hide signature to guests? *
  • Lines limit in signatures *
  • Maximum Images Size *
  • Maximum Image Dimensions *
  • Length limit in signatures
  • Images limit in signatures?

I wrote this back on 2012 and just updated it for 1.8 today. Please try it!

Another Projects:
This plugin now supports OUGC Signature Image by default.
It would be great if this also limited urls in signatures but allowed images. Unless that is already core?I thought not....
Something like disallowing [url]?
I think so yea; so they can have a smilie in the sig, but not a link. Not just a MYBB formatted link though - any link
Does it matters if it only checks for it during edition not parsing?
I think as long as its not possible to create it that is cool; it does mean that existing sigs wont be altered, but that is not a huge deal imo; in fact, it might be better to not check on parse as there wont be broken ugliness (from pre-plugin sigs) littering the posts then.
can you add option to remove all links (url bbcode) where is no $mybb->settings['bburl']?
I will come to your suggestions on time.
I subscribe this thread and wait
good lock Smile