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Full Version: ¿Mybb problems with SEO?
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Do not remember where I heard,

Once I saw that said mybb always have problems with SEO
wonder I have a website three weeks and almost no index any page
Do you think?
Use Google SEO by frostschutz
used google seo and I'm still with the problem
maybe your content isnt that interesting? maybe you havent submitted your sitemap to google?
(2015-02-22, 05:05 PM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]maybe your content isnt that interesting? maybe you havent submitted your sitemap to google?

if you send a "webmaster tools" and nothing that indexes me
MYBB is has very little to do with SEO as it's entirely upon the webmaster to do it in fact in comprising with other scripts MYBB is very light and fast!

If your content sucks and you theme is not optimized don't blame MYBB!
You can't expect Google to index all your pages and links in an hour/day... moreover MyBB has little to do with seo as said by marcus... its the content which is more important...

Did you submit your sitemap to Google... have you checked your webmaster tools page for your site details like crawl, sitemap indexing details etc...

try a site search in Google and see if it fetches any results....
ex: "search term"

basically you need to wait... Google will automatically index your site as and when it crawls it...
I had this problem and always thought my seo was going to suck until our forum started getting more and more members and content.
Then our seo rank improved very fast.

Its nothing with mybb, its just with your content and etc.

Google generally trusts sites with more content and that have lasted a while (as spam sites are usually small and don't last long)
mi sitio es nuevo y me envió el sitemap a las herramientas para webmasters y aún nada, yo uso google seo y así, espero pasar los días y ver los resultados

gracias por sus respuestas Big Grin

es mi sitio:
mybb has best google plugin better than other plat
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