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Full Version: mybb multiple admin problems
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im having so may problems with this mybb forum. first of all it will not let me connect to your server when i try update or browse themes etc.just keeps saying cannot connect to mybb server please try again.

also when i try installing a theme from scratch it says cannot find temporary folder.

and finally i go to click on a forum i have made and when it loads it loads up my servers page (1and1 page saying this domain has already been taken)

really hope you can help
1. your web server's IP address might be blocked by MyBB server and it cannot be removed for security reasons
2. assuming that your forum is on a shared web hosting, temporary folder issue should be fixed by your web host
3. can we have your forum url
yeah of course:

did you find any joy.

i am in the process of contacting my host to see if they can help with anything. I am just waiting on a reply now but thought id ask here to see if anyone can point me in the right direction
admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> site details >> Board URL
--> should be

can you first put correct value for board url in ~/inc/settings.php file and then at above location in admin panel ..
yep done that. no change lol
Seems you didn't fill the .htaccess when you had enabled the User friendly urls

Home » Board Settings » Server and Optimization Options

Try to disable it (it might be set to "automatic detection"), or rename the htaccess.txt into .htaccess in your forum root directory works fine, but failed..