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Full Version: Registration IP missing intermittently
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Since upgrading to 1.8 from 1.6 about a month ago, the Registration IP is intermittently missing from some new members' records in the ACP>Users and Groups.  We have less incidents of missing Reg IPs since updating to 1.8.4, but the attached screen shot shows a missing IP from this morning.

I've noticed that the Stop Forum Spam feature does not work when the Registration IP is missing, allowing those spammers to avoid capture.

Any ideas how to fix this issue?

What's your Scrutinize IP setting value in Server and Optimization Options? Provide a list of plugins you're using on your forum.
The Scrutinize IP setting value was set to NO, but just changed to YES to see if it makes a difference.  I will report back one way or the other.

Registration Checkboxes Plugin (1.2)
Akismet (1.2.2)
Custom Board Offline Page (1.0)
Email Admin about new members (2.1.0) - note that this plugin doesn't work when Reg IP is missing
Google SEO (1.6.8)
HTML in Posts (1.5)
Page Manager (1.5.2)
Template Conditionals (1.7)
Spell Check (1.4.1)
Tapatalk (4.4.0)
Thank You/Like System (1.5)
Moderated Usergroups (1.2)
Yea, Tapatalk. I noticed this too; its the allowing users to signup with Tapatalk. Tapatalk pretty much ignores your registration, captcha, etc.
Yes. I replicated by registering through Tapatalk and it did not get my Reg IP address. Can this glitch be fixed from the MyBB side or is it in Tapatalk's court?
I think its with Tapatalk. We did tell them on their forum. What is even more annoying is that it seems its not actually possible to switch it off Sad