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Full Version: Change text color on login button
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Hello.  I just setup my first ever mybb site.  I used the default theme and changed the color "night" files to a purple.  Everything is fine, but I want to change the color of the text on this login button.  I assume that it's in a .css file somehwhere, but I don't know which one.  If someone can tell me where I can change this color, I would greatly appreciate it..  Thank you!

[Image: login_button.png]

I guess you changed the background of all your buttons to purple. So you can just change the color value of the css specification for button, input.button (night.css ~line 600). If this is your only purple button, you'd better add another css class in the template.
E.g. #fff (white) might fit well...
Add this to the bottom of night and change what is in red to whatever color you need it.

Quote:#quicklogin button, input.button {
   background: none;
   color: #ffffff;
Solved... Thank you!