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Full Version: Change Text Color
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What I really was wondering was if I could change the color of the text on  these. 
I have looked at all of the code trying to change it, I want to change the color to #FFDF00 . Could somebody please help me ?!?
If you don't know what css to edit, use inspect element and find out which it is.
In global.css


color: #333333;

And then edit what is in red to your color. Your code would like like as follows:


    color: #FFDF00;
Patchy, I have tried that, and changed most of the text
Theme thanks, but
color: #333333
is not to be found... I "ctrl" + F and searched "table" but it was nowhere to be found
What is the link to your forum?
Add this to global.css and hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) the forums.....

tbody[id^=cat_] {color: #FFDF00;}