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Full Version: Problem when searching member list
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I'm not getting search members in the member list (Link:

Old version 1.6, now 1.8

Active plugins:

Admins can log into Users' accounts (1.1)
Additional Usergroup Images (1.1)
Avatar Gallery (1.0)
Fassim Anti Spam (1.3)
Group Legendz (1.0)
Hide content from guest (2.0)
Infobar - Tradução NewtonPDL (1.4)
Last Visitors in Profile (1.1)
Show the users that has been online today (2.0)
OUGC Unquote First Post (1.0)
Portal ReadMore Button (1.0)
Portal Redirect (1.1.0)
Profile Views (1.2.1)
ProStats (1.6.6)
Welcome PM/Email (1.1)


[Image: search.png]

Can help please?
have you checked it on MyBB's stock theme - i.e. does the member search work fine on the default theme ?
In the default theme worked.
In other 2 themes does not work.
revolution theme is missing java script files (eg. jquery-ui.js)
which is the other theme you are using ?
I used the Jamps, but also had errors.
The other asset is the Games, but after update, does not display text editor.

Can help please?
As .m. said above, you're missing files. Upload them correctly (jquery-ui.js from theme package and also anything reported by ACP -> Tools & Maintenance -> File Verification from MYBB package).
Big Grin Thanks for the reply.

The files in the ACP are OK.

I can not search for users in the ACP, the problem is not only with the template.

Any tips? Huh
^ exactly which version of MyBB you are using ..

MyBB Version - 1.8.4.

Thanks for the reply.
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check the issue
if required, you can give your own credentials and change them later
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