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Full Version: Plugins guid not issued ?
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Hello there,

That's a question I've for months : what about the guid ?
In the Pugin Basics, it's said:
wiki Wrote:guid: Unique ID issued by the MyBB Mods site for version checking

But in fact, no guid seems to be added.

So, I decided to add one to my future plugins, but there's a risk I use one already used (I do a md5 of the plugin long name).

Is it a bug with the mod section or an error in the doc ? Or did I miss something ?
IIRC guid was used by the old mod section only. The new one is using codename for update checks instead.
Ok, thanks. So I missed a sentence when submiting my projects Smile
Correct, codename is used on the new mods site. GUID is deprecated and will probably be completely killed off eventually.