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Full Version: Sign Up Problem
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Everytime someone try to sign up they get this message.

Our systems detect that you may be a spammer and therefore you have been denied registration. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact the Administrator.
are you using MyBB 1.8 or 1.6... thread is in 1.8 section, while your forum seems to be on 1.6...

have you by any chance, modified the member register templates... are you using any spam protection plugins like Akismet, Stop Forum Spam etc...
1.8... and i had one but i uninstalled it tho
if you are using MyBB 1.8.x then you have to use its compatible theme
well it worked before i installl one of the spam thing, plus i didn't care for any of those themes. none of those theme match what i looked for in color wise. everything worked find up into the who spam plugin in which i now reget installing
^ you can revert member_register template of the theme to original and registrations might work without problem
that worked thank you so much.... now i still have to figure out the signature issue i been waiting for help with