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Full Version: Smilies appearing as code not image
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Using 1.8.4.

When I am logged in as Admin and I made a post, when I click on a smilie from the left panel it is inserted into the editor as the image which is what I want. However, when I am logged in as a "Registered" user and click on a smilie it is inserted as the code. It is only converted to the icon after submitting the post. I know I need to have a space before and after the code so that is not the problem.

I can't figure out why this is working for admin but not for users. I need users to be able to see the icon while editing.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help!
check in user control panel options - Thread View Options
are these options selected --> Display images in posts & Display videos in posts
Yes, both are ticked for the user. I'd welcome any other suggestions, thanks.
^ I'm mistaken. check status of Put the editor in source mode by default option - it should not be selected
That it, all working now thanks!