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Full Version: Incorrect link Merge System
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In the download Merge System page :
the download link it's not working !
It opens a 403 Forbidden page ! Huh
Thanks for reporting. it will be checked by the authenticated staff
few others have also reported forbidden error message for downloading regular MyBB versions.
Works for me. But since someone reported a similar issue with MyBB package: there's probably something wrong.
For me, the link :
still displays a page with :

403 Forbidden

I think someone screwed up file permissions on the server. Some images (online, etc) are 403ing for me as well.
Edit: The merge link does, however, work for me.
It still does not work for me ! Huh
(2015-03-01, 09:22 PM)spyto Wrote: [ -> ]It still does not work for me ! Huh

Ctrl+F5, which should fix it.  You have the error page cached. 
(2015-03-01, 09:22 PM)spyto Wrote: [ -> ]It still does not work for me ! Huh

Noone said it has been fixed. Someone with server access has to look into this issue.
here is a mediafire link for the required merge_1804
Today it works !
I use Firefos 36.0.
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