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Full Version: [REQUEST] Portuguese (Brasil) Forum Area for Discussion or suport
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[REQUEST] Portuguese (Brasil) Forum Area for Discussion or suport

I am Brazilian and I need help with my MyBB forum but a call MyBB Brazil forum closed and we Brazilians have no where to go for support or an area with the Portuguese language set to talk, it is difficult to look for support in English for the google translator changes the meaning of the sentences so I could not understand much ...


Unfortunately we are unable to host international discussion here for support. The main reason for this is that we don't necessarily always have staff that natively speak all the languages we would be required to support. For this reason, we cannot effectively moderate discussion or provide quality support. Therefore, we require support in English and allow other forums to provide international support.

Se você encontrar outro foro que providencia ajuda para o MyBB em português, me avise. Sou norteamericano, mas falo muito bem o teu idioma.
Please write in English as this is English support forum...
(2015-03-12, 03:33 PM)Ikerepc Wrote: [ -> ]Please write in English as this is English support forum...

Sorry, it was just a quick request to ericsonmario to let me know if he finds a Portuguese support forum for MyBB.
I'm brazilian too. Is complicated for us search the solutions for the problems in other language, but the knowledge about system be centered in english is the best way for all the community.
I'm Croatian. It's hard for me too. But as long as we don't have anyone with that knowledge, we can't do anything about that...

Who will solve your questions if noone speaks your language?

It's hard to have multilanguages support for free volonteers software
if you need help in PT feel free to pm me as im portuguese and myabe i can assist you like i did already here and still do sometimes

se quiseres ajuda em portugues manda me uma PM que eu sou portugues e talvez te possa ajudar como ja ajudei outros aqui por vezes