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Full Version: Deleted Plugin Files, Still Plugin Settings Visible !
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I have installed a plugin, It didnt worked for me, So i removed the files of plugin but Still The plugins settings are being shown in settings page !
Pls help me how remove it ?

[Image: CQLA65B.png]

These are My files in Inc/Plugins Directory :

[Image: syfBY3O.png?1]

This is My Active and Inactive Plugins Page :

[Image: agumcK2.png]
The settings are in the database.
You didn't uninstall the plugin correctly (using the "uninstall" link) or there is a trouble in its uninstall procedure.

You have to clean the database (remove the settings from mybb_settings) and the inc/settings.php file
How to clean database ?

Ok, I again reinstalled the plugins by uploading files, this time I deactivated them... my problem fixed ! thanks
In phpMyAdmin (or any other way you access your database):
delete * from mybb_settings where name like 'hidecontent_%';
delete * from mybb_settinggroups where name='hidecontent';

btw, I had a look on the plugin, it lacks the (un)install procedures, it only has the (de)activate ones.

I think you can, if you want to do the quick way, reinstall the plugin, activate it and deactivate again, it will clean the settings.