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Full Version: How to make a form post on another page?
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So I want to make a form that will post on another external page.

I already know about PHP post but I lost the code from earlier. Basically I want to make a form (eg on page requestform.php) and it posts on (answers.txt) or etc.

This will come in handy for some other things as well I want to do later.

I already know how to do the styling and etc, thats not the problem though. Thanks for everyone's answers.
well yeah, unless you do some .htaccess or something, some of the calls to your CSS and JS will probably be broken
I fixed it. No need for this anymore
well whats thhe solution for others lol
(03-04-2015, 01:11 AM)expat Wrote: [ -> ]well whats thhe solution for others lol

I removed the https lmao

I just updated the thread with another thing that would be useful.