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Full Version: Rate/Set up premissions don't work
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when i click to rate post, or warn user, report post nothing happen and when i try to edit premissions it's the same problem.
To set premissions i have to open link in new tab :/
MyBB: 1.84
ID: test
PW: 123456
Permissions elevation needed; pm me admin account details
looks like its happening on default theme as well... could you run a file verification from ACP >> Tools & Maintenance >> File Verification and share the results... ignore errors related to install directory and images..
This is results:
admin/modules/forum/announcements.php Deleted
admin/modules/forum/attachments.php    Deleted
admin/modules/forum/index.html Deleted
admin/modules/forum/management.php Deleted
admin/modules/forum/moderation_queue.php Deleted
admin/modules/forum/module_meta.php Deleted
search.php Deleted
Reupload those files then via ftp
I uploaded files and nothing happen :/
Make sure you uploaded them correctly

Also, make sure you are actually uploading those files
I solved problem. I have my website on, they add automatically script with statistics. Thats why my javascrips dont work properly. To solve i turn off automatic statistic.
Thanks for your help. Smile