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Full Version: Put an image in the top right corner
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HI, so I know this is not related to MyBB but I need some help and I can't find this help anywhere in Google so I am hoping people here will be able to help me, okay so I created my own custom website, but I would like to put an image at the top right corner of the website, I got the code my forum website(the custom website is a homepage for my forum: link is here)
The code I got is from a theme I got, here goes the code:
    height: 56px;
  	background: url(images/alphagamingv1.8/title_logo_1.png) no-repeat;
the code is taken from the global.css of my forum website's theme.

[Image: Screenshot_1.png]

For your info: My custom website uses js html and css

Please help