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Full Version: Friendly Redirection
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Can the Friendly Redirection pages be switched off for things like searches and new posts being made - but kept for anything else such as password reset confirmations etc.

you can try using this method (see also other posts on that thread & keep backup of original files)
Thanks .m. - I will look into that.
I didn't spot that one.
I actually edited this plugin for 1.6:


	die('This file cannot be accessed directly.');

$plugins->add_hook('search_do_search_process', 'searchautoredir_run');
$plugins->add_hook('search_do_search_end', 'searchautoredir_run');
$plugins->add_hook('member_do_login_end', 'searchautoredir_run');

function searchautoredir_info()
	return array(
		'name'			=> 'Search Auto-redirect',
		'description'	=> 'Very simple plugin which disables the friendly redirect pages for searching.',
		'website'		=> '',
		'author'		=> 'ZiNgA BuRgA',
		'authorsite'	=> '',
		'version'		=> '1.0',
		'compatibility'	=> '1*',
		'guid'			=> ''

function searchautoredir_run()
	global $mybb;
	$mybb->settings['redirects'] = ($mybb->version_code >= 1400 ? 0 : 'no');

I added a hook so it would run on login; you can do that for other hooks too I guess.