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How can I make my own favicon appear on the browser tab when my MyBB forum page is open? I have read to "put it in your root folder," but how exactly do I do that? Thank you.
root folder is where all the other mybb files (like index.php, showthread.php etc) are located... you need to use a FTP client like FileZilla to upload the icon...
Use a ftp client (the software you use to upload MyBB on your webhosting) to upload the favicon.

Be aware that it must be named favicon.ico and must be a windows icon (lot of softwares or online services can help you to transform a simple image in .ico), unless you add in your header template the following line:
<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="your_own_pic.png" />

Small edit: Have an eye on wikipedia for more informations
Ok thank you. So, if I upload it as an .ico file, to the mail folder, it will automatically work?
no, you need to upload into the root directory (upload the .ico file into the public_html file)
Sorry I meant "main" haha. Ok I did that, refreshed, emptied cache, but no favicon. I saved it as favicon.ico. any idea what I did wrong?
did you put the ico inside the folder public_html?
Try to open it directly in your browser (, sometime the browser need this to fully refresh the favicon.

Give your board url if it doesn't work.
if it still doesn't work close your browser and open it again or refresh the page a couple of times
Ok it seems to be working now. Thank you all! One last thing: to improve the quality, can I make it 64 pixels x 64 pixels?
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