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Full Version: Change this or delete it?
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When I hold my mouse over threads, I get a big sign on my screen.
Is it possible to remove this or make it smaller, and how can I get it fixed?
which theme you are using and can we have your forum url
do you want to make it smaller or remove it completely ?
If it's possible to remove it completely, then that would be great.

And we are using the theme Dark1.8
open the theme's global.css in advanced edit mode
admin panel >> templates & styles >> themes >> dark theme >> global.css >> Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode
at the bottom add below style property and save the style sheet
.ui-tooltip {display:none!important;}
visit your forum's index page and hard refresh your browser once or twice (eg. press CTRL + F5) and then check the referred issue
Thanks a lot .m.
It worked.