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Full Version: How to Move Reputation Points.
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1. How do you move "Reputation: " from the right side of a user's post to instead be the last thing on the left side under their name?

2. Also, how do you edit/delete the buttons at the button of a post "email" "PM" "find" "rate"?

Help is greatly appreciated.
It's all in "postbit" / "postbit_classic" templates.
(03-12-2015, 08:57 AM)rockenren Wrote: [ -> ]It's all in "postbit" / "postbit_classic" templates.

Reputation is grouped with "user_details". Anyway to just move the Reputation ?

Thank you.
ACP >> Templates >> Post Bit Templates >> postbit_author_user >> $post['replink']}

move theĀ $post['replink']} to postbit template where you need it (above {$post['usertitle']})