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Full Version: Editor source mode problem with quote
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Since updating from 1.8.3 to 1.8.4 the Editor source mode has a fault when quoting another post.

If you have "Put the editor in source mode by default"  chosen in your User CP options it works fine for a new post or for PM's, but if you quote a post by using the Reply or Quote button it goes back to WYSIWYG mode.

It's doing it here too so it's not a problem on my forum alone.

Thank you.
(2015-03-12, 12:15 PM)StefanT Wrote: [ -> ]Duplicate:

OK Sorry.

Would you know how I can completely remove the SCEditor I know we can put it in source mode by default, and switch all members over by default.

My members don't like it or use it and this is going to cause problems, so I would rather have it completely removed so the option wasn't there.

So is there a way of removing it and the option to use it ?

Thank you.