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Full Version: Show all threads where I posted
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Show all threads where I posted - how to please do this? I wanna show last poster etc (something like: )
You can search your posts by clicking the find button on one of your posts or by going to your profile and clicking Find All Posts by username. If that isn't what you are looking for, then you'll need a plugin.
IS there anybody who can code plugin for me?
haven't you seen this => adding view my posts & view my threads links
i believe he wants the list of unread threads which he has posted in...something like this: ???
Thank you. Is there any way how to show them in a list?
I think I understand what you want: just a list of threads in which you have posted. This will require a plugin. Probably it can also be achieved with X-Threads (what cannot), but I don't like the black box magic of that (is personal of course).
I think it will have to be a plugin Ad. I think XThreads actually can't do this Big Grin