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Full Version: How to disable unique thread ratings?
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hi how can i disable unique thread rating that is a person can rate a thread several times. or maybe some specific usergroup can rate it several times whichever is possible?

anyone knows how this can be done?

no one knows how to do this basic thing?

anyone knows how this can be done?

so this can't be done


i want to bump this post
so i would assume no knows how to do it
(03-26-2015, 12:08 PM)Hamster24 Wrote: [ -> ]so i would assume no knows how to do it

Or people know but they're less willing to help because of your 6 bumps (or rather tries to bump) during 24 hours and "no one knows how to do this basic thing" comments. Quite annoying on a voluntary support forum if you ask me.

Anyways, you can try changing: to:
if(($ratecheck['rid'] || isset($mybb->cookies['mybbratethread'][$tid])) && !is_member('4'))
4 should be the ID of the group which shouldn't receive the error.

The error won't be shown and the rating will be inserted, but more changes may be required for a fully correct functionality - so use only at your own risk.
wew i didn't want to be rude.
actually i was checking every after every 2-3 hours then 4-5 hours to know the time until the my replies merge into the Original post. i just wanted to bump it once. but it didn't let me do that.
Had no intention to hurt anyone.

i know its annoying i have never done that in past.

again Apologies from me and thanks for the help