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Full Version: Editing Thread
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Okay, I'm slowly becoming furious with mybb, I'm trying to edit a Thread, with 'full edit', but the thread doesn't save when I click save, It only works if I do 'quick edit' it will save with this option. But I need 'full edit' to make it easier.  I have checked with other users, has not changed the thread someone help

Please help Sad

you have to provide test user account (better PM me temporary admin account) to check
A similar problem with my forum when using Internet Explorer 11. But the difference is that neither full editing nor quick editing works.

The problem is intermitting, sometimes editing is successful, sometimes it is not. The editing cases that are not successful are various:

- most often you can not change the alignment of an image;
- sometimes you can not insert new text or correct an existing text;
- sometimes you can not delete an image from the post.

There are no error messages, just the new version of the post is not saved.

This has been observed since MyBB 1.8 came in place.

In Opera browser all works fine.